EDH – Efficient Deck Hand

About This Course

The Efficient Deck Hand course (EDH) is a theoretical and practical course that develops an understanding of shipboard organisation and operations for crewmembers with a qualified amount of experience on deck.

It is a requirement for all MCA certificates of competency with the exception of Master 200.

From 1 January 2017, all deck hands progressing towards OOW Yachts (less than 3,000GT) must have held the Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) certificate for at least 18 months before the OOW certificate of competency will be issued.

What We Cover

The Efficient Deck Hand course uses multiple practical sessions to back up the lectures, displays and demonstrations used in the classroom teaching.

The course covers:

  • Shipboard organisation and operations
  • Parts of a vessel, deck equipment, lookout, reporting, helm orders, anchoring and mooring arrangements
  • Pilot ladders and means of access
  • Rigging a pilot ladder, means of access, boarding arrangements
  • Cargo work
  • Hatch covers, derricks and cranes, blocks and tackles, containers and securing arrangements
  • Safety
  • COSWOP, IMO safety signs, enclosed spaces, fire extinguishers, lifeboat and life raft launching
  • Seamanship
  • Rope types and construction, knots, bends and hitches, rigging a bosun’s chair and stage, rope and wire splicing, whipping and seizing, parcelling and serving

Pre-Course Requirements

Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and hold a valid ENG1 certificate.

Additionally, candidates must hold at least one of the following:

  • RYA or IYT Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and shore-based course
  • Yacht rating with at least six months’ sea service and a steering certificate or Navigational Watch Rating (NWR) certificate
  • Deck Officer Class 2 – Fishing CoC
  • BML Tier 1 level 2 certificates
  • Tug rating with at least six months’ sea service (which may be in categorised water) and a steering certificate or an NWR certificate.

Please note: Before an Efficient Deck Hand certificate can be issued, a minimum of six months’ sea service in vessels of more than 15m is required.

Assessment and Certification

There is an oral and a practical examination at the end of the course which is carried out by an approved MCA examiner.

Successful candidates will be awarded the MCA Efficient Deck Hand Certificate.

Course Information

Course Dates

Please see the bottom of this block for current dates or phone us on  01752 770589.


Course Duration

5 Days

Assessments take place on day 5

Course Cost

£800.00 (Inc. VAT) 


Pre-Course Requirements

Please see main course description





Crownhill Fort Plymouth

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