ROC – Restricted Operators Certificate

About This Course

The GMDSS ROC (Restricted Operators Certificate) is the minimum level of maritime radio qualification required by the professional seafarer. It meets all STCW conditions and is the minimum requirement for MCA Certificates of Competence.

The qualification is designed for mariners working exclusively within GMDSS Sea Area A1, defined as being within VHF range of a Coast Station. Mariners operating beyond Sea Area A1 or, applying for any unlimited Certificate of Competence will require a GOC qualification.

This certificate is suitable for pilots, port control operators, offshore, windfarm and workboat operators and fishermen operating in coastal waters.

What We Cover

The GMDSS ROC training mixes classroom teaching with multiple practical sessions to consolidate the skills and procedures taught to achieve the required standard. A mixture of live and simulated equipment is used to give candidates the maximum time and opportunity to become familiar with the necessary equipment.

We cover SOLAS procedures for the transmission and reception of Distress, Urgency and Safety communications within GMDSS Sea Area A1, in addition to the practical operation of:

  • Marine VHF Radio
  • VHF DSC controller
  • Navtex receiver
  • Portable survival equipment – EPIRB, SART. AIS-SART Handheld VHF
  • Distress communications and logkeeping
  • General radio regulations, systems and good practice
  • Battery maintenance

Assessment and Certification

The GMDSS ROC is assessed by an external AMERC examiner, there are 3 components to the exam.

  1. Radio Communication and Logkeeping (Practical and Written)
  2. Solas Procedures and Radio Regulations (Written)
  3. Operational Performance (Practical)

The examiner will advise candidates of their result on completion of all 3 modules, the exam papers are then sent to AMERC for verification and the ROC certificate will be issued accordingly.

Please note, mock exam papers are set as homework in preparation for the written exam.

Course Information

Course Dates

Please see the bottom of this block for current dates or phone us on  01752 770589.


Course Duration

3 Days.
Exams taken in the afternoon on day 3

Course Cost

Course Fee £510.00
Exam Fee £160.00
Total (Inc. VAT) £670.00


Pre-Course Requirements

Candidates must be over 18 and have a good command the English Language. Knowledge of the phonetic alphabet and some experience using a computer keyboard is also useful





Crownhill Fort Plymouth

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