OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC

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About This Qualification

This is the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Level 3 course for experienced seafarers, designed for working crewmembers. The qualification forms part of the MCA certification for Tug Masters.  (See MGN 495.) It is delivered using a blended learning programme – a mix of face-to-face classes, plus online learning and assessment. Western Maritime Training have established this course as a rolling programme which means you can register and start this course at any time throughout the year. You will attend fortnightly teaching sessions at Western Maritime Training in Plymouth; regular online meetings and sessions with your Assessor, plus the option to attend face-to face courses every two months. You will also have access to a series of online reference and learning materials, plus online instructor support.

What We Cover

This qualification consists of the following SQA units required for the OOW <500gt Near Coastal CoC – STCW II/3

  • Ship Construction
  • Chartwork and Tides
  • Contribute to Vessel Stability and Watertight Integrity
  • Control Vessel Mooring, Anchoring and Securing Operations
  • Interpret Meteorology in the Near Coastal Area
  • Respond to Navigational Emergencies
  • Vessel Navigation and Tides
  • Control Tug Operations
  • Signals Certificate

Assessment and Certification

To achieve your full OOW qualification from the MCA in addition to the SQA qualification you will also need to achieve a range of separate short course certificates, listed below, and sit your Orals examination with the MCA.

  • NAEST Operational
  • STCW – Advanced Fire Fighting
  • STCW – Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (CPSC & RB)
  • STCW – Medical First Aid
  • Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)
  • HELM Operational

Full details are in M notice MGN 495.

Qualification Information

Course Dates

Please see the bottom of this block for current dates or phone us on  01752 770589.


Qualification Duration

Western Maritime Training will support you for up to a year to achieve these subjects.

Pre-Qualification Requirements

You must be currently working on a tugboat.

Course Cost

£7,500 + VAT





Online, and face-to-face fortnights every two months at Western Maritime Training, Plymouth.

To enquire or register for this qualification, please get in touch with our team.