OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC

The OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal qualification is for experienced seafarers, and is designed for working crewmembers.  It is a rolling programme, allowing you to register and start the course at any time of the year.  This qualification includes face-to-face training in each subject, with assessments carried out online.  You will continue working on your vessel, and will complete reports online, participating in regular online meetings with an Assessor.

Required Short Courses

You will also be required to complete these short courses to achieve this qualification:

STCW Proficiency in Medical First Aid

OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC First Aid Kit

This four-day Proficiency in Medical First Aid course is designed for seafarers who are designated to provide medical first aid on board ship, in accordance with STCW A-V1/4 (1-3). Candidates need to be over 18yrs old, and must have already completed the STCW95 Elementary First Aid Course.

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ECDIS ‘O’ (Operational)

OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC Ship On The Sea

The ECDIS Operational course covers instruction on the use and operation of ECDIS. Practical exercises using our bridge simulators reinforce the theory and provide an opportunity to develop and practice responses to training scenarios.

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EDH - Efficient Deck Hand

OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC Ship Deck

The Efficient Deck Hand course (EDH) covers both the theory and practical skills needed on deck. It also includes seamanship, cargo work, pilot ladders and means of access and shipboard organisation. You must demonstrate at least 6 months sea service in vessels of more than 15m before you attend the course.

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GOC General Operator Certificate

OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC Ship On The Water

This 8-day GMDSS GOC (General Operator’s Certificate) radio course is the highest level of maritime radio operator’s licence available. It meets all STCW conditions and is a requirement for MCA Certificates of Competence.

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OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC Student Using The Simulator

This three-day course covers Bridge Team Building and includes practical exercises on our full Bridge Simulator.

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NAEST ’O’ (Operational)

OOW Tug <500gt Near Coastal CoC Student Using Navigational Equipment

The Navigation Aids, Equipment and Simulation Training course at operational level provides training on our full Bridge Simulator in the use of navigation and electronic systems and bridge procedures. It also covers the use of radar, ARPA, satellite navigation systems and other electronic navigation aids.

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* To achieve this qualification, you must also complete an STCW Training Week.