STCW – Proficiency in Medical First Aid

About This Course

The Proficiency in Medical First Aid course is designed for seafarers who are designated to provide medical first aid on board ship in accordance with STCW A-V1/4 (1-3).

The course provides knowledge of giving first aid safely at sea and contains both theoretical and practical elements to build capability and confidence.

It covers subjects including medical emergencies, resuscitation, poisons, temperature extremes, wounds and bleeding, head injuries, fractures, dislocations, and spinal injuries, among other subjects.

In commercial terms, this qualification is aimed at those responsible for providing first aid on vessels venturing up to 150 miles from a safe haven. It is also useful for those that might be considering blue water cruising.

What We Cover

The Proficiency in Medical First Aid course is delivered using a combination of classroom sessions and practical sessions.

The course includes:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Communication, equipment and information
  • Resuscitation
  • Scene management and care of the casualty
  • Casualty handling and the unconscious casualty, transportation techniques
  • Shock – bleeding, wounds and injuries
  • Burns
  • Head injuries, fractures and dislocation
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Poisoning, effects, treatments and pharmacology
  • Temperature extremes
  • Serious illnesses
  • Heart attacks

Pre-Course Requirements

Candidates must be over 18 and have already completed the STCW95 Elementary First Aid Course.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment is by practical and written exam on the final day of the course. Successful candidates will receive the Proficiency in Medical First Aid STCW A-VI/4 (paragraphs 1-3) certificate.

Course Information

Course Dates

Please see the bottom of this block for current dates or phone us on  01752 770589.


Course Duration

4 Days

Course Cost

£750 (Inc. VAT)


Pre-Course Requirements

Please see main course description





Crownhill Fort Plymouth

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